I’LL TAKE CARE OF YOU - A dress-aster

Satin is notorious for finding it’s way to make a mark. A simple slip of a sip and and you may be stained for the whole night.
Personally I’m not too fazed by water marks, but it was Christmas night and there isn’t a Nan in the world who will let a family picture be ruined by a dirty dress.
How to avoid a dress-aster (disaster) in under 20 minutes
1. Five Minute hand wash in the sink.
Spray affected area with Preen and run entire dress under water.
2. Wring dry
Gently twist your Pearl & M dress until no excess water can be extracted from the fabric
3. Blow dry dress with hair drier
Arguably the oldest trick in the book that never fails.
4. Iron on low
Turn dress inside out and ensure that the iron is not too hot.
5. Put dress back on and pretend nothing ever happened.
Simple right! Experienced a similar sitch?
Leave a comment detailing your worst dress-aster.
P.S. Moonlight is your BFFL on nights out and stains can only be seen in certain lights.