Women’s Rights Are Human Rights - Celebrating International Women’s day 2019

Here’s to strong women, 
May we know them, 
May we be them,
May we raise them
International Women’s Day is a day of celebration and a day for reflection. A time in which we acknowledge just how far gender equality has come, and how far we still have to go. 
This year's International Women’s Day (IWD) campaign theme is Balance for Better.
#BalanceforBetter seeks to"build a gender-balanced world”. Its vision is inclusive, intersectional, proactive and necessary in modern society.
To help celebrate International Women’s Day, Pearl & M spoke to three of our fave inspirational Insta women to get their take on International Women’s Day. 

International touch footy player currently modelling, travelling and playing footy in Europe, this girl always keeps it real. From posting about her training and games, to uploading mouthwatering deserts from abroad, her positive vibes exude strong modern women of the 21st century. 
Here’s what Danni had to say about International Women’s Day.

“International Women’s Day is not about celebrating women as being superior, or trying to highlight that women are inferior…To me, International Women’s Day is a day to celebrate women as humans. It’s a day to embrace being a living, breathing human woman and to show everyone what we contribute to society as women. I don’t like to think of women as victims in society. In the sporting arena for example I try not to “compare” myself to a man or see myself as not being good enough. As a competitor myself, I train hard, I keep focused and I compete with women and men in a natural sporting spirit. For me it’s not about 'women can do whatever men can do' it’s about 'I’m a woman, look what I can do'. I am strong. I am not invincible…let’s celebrate women in a way that is not about comparing ourselves to men. Let’s just be equal. I am a woman and I am more importantly a human."

Tiffany Duliege @tiffanyduilege
Photographer, designer, stylist and oh so much more. We were lucky enough to connect with the Sydney based talent over social media for our shared love of slow fashion, kindness and culture. Through her platform she promotes body positivity, sustainability in the fashion and make-up industry all while creating the most beautiful content
We asked Tiffany what her take was on International Women’s Day.
“International Women’s Day is a day when we globally acknowledge that women deserve recognition, respect and care. After generations of being seen and treated as lower than the other gender it’s a day of celebration and pride, for we have come a long way to become the race of women we are today! Breadwinners, achievers, caregivers, life-givers and an equal part of society. Today we acknowledge that we are capable and deserving."
Danielle @daniellesams
This up and coming influencer uses her platform to spread awareness on sustainable fashion. As our oceans and land continue to suffer at the hands of our toxic consumerist behaviour it is amazing to see eco-babes like @daniellesams speak out about what is important to them. 
"IWD is a day that is about all people empowering and celebrating women, including trans-women, for the things that they do and achieve in their every day lives that so often goes unrecognised, understated or is simply dismissed.
It's when we should remind ourselves that, rather than shaming and discouraging women in their choices or aspirations, especially around things like appearance and sex, we need to educate women and men to embrace themselves their bodies, their sexuality, emotions, goals and dreams. We shouldn't put anyone else down based on your own preconceived beliefs instead we should challenge stereotypes and bias.
It’s about educating men and women about the importance of intersectional feminism and ways in which, by acting collectively, we can all make small changes in our lives to make a huge difference to society."
Pearl & M would like to thank the feminists who came before us who paved the road to equality that we now walk on. We’d also like to send our love to all of the wonderful women in our daily lives who support, empower and guide us.  Have your say! What does IWD mean to you?